The Incredible State of Sikkim

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The Incredible State of Sikkim

The Incredible State of Sikkim

The travel bucket to beautiful snow-clad mountains has always remained to be of highest priority for tourists to rejuvenate their busy urban cacophonic life to a refreshing mood. Sikkim, one of the smallest states of India wedged between Tibet, Bhutan and West Bengal encompasses an astounding range of pristine natural beauty of mighty Himalayas. A traveller is always entrenched by the exploration of Sikkim through its various tourists’ destinations laid in lap of beautiful Himalayan town to get a heavenly feeling. Perhaps, Sikkim is entailed to be the richest cultured states of our nation as it inherits wide range of heritage and simplicity till now to all the tourists who come here to witness the beauty of Himalayas as well as the Buddhist philosophy through its various heritage monasteries.

A traveller’s itinerary through Sikkim passes through numerous spots and the most famous one stands to be Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim situated at a height of 5500 ft. The clear sky at the city makes a glade view of the soaring peaks of Kanchenjunga. Gangtok is connected through Siliguri by a four drive by car or bus or through the nearest airport at Bagdogra. The freshness of the city connects many tourists all over the world to refresh their mind and also make this place a popular base camp for their trekking adventure to various places in Sikkim by youngsters. Apart from that Pelling lies to be another destination mark in west Sikkim at an altitude of 2100 m and 120 km from Gangtok. Though the place certainly looks to be a cluster of hotels due to immense tourist arriving there is recent years, but the unparalleled views of snowy peaks of Himalayas, certainly makes a charming one. Pelling is famous for its destinations like Pemangyatse monastery an old one and also ruinous city of former capital of Sikkim like Rabdentse. The testament of the fact that Sikkim lies for a place to meditate as it consists of some old and famous monasteries in its divine hilltops. Rumtek Monastery is the most famous monastery in Sikkim which is 24 km away from Gangtok.

Sikkim is a state which continuously connects to nature’s ultimatum and picturesque destination as you climb higher in altitudes. Among many other visiting spots, []Ravangla defines to be one of the most pictorial towns of West Sikkim which is located at a ridge between Maenam hills and Tendong. The serene views of Mt. Narsing and dazzling landscapes of snow-clad mountain peaks of eastern Himalayas make the spot an ideal destination for tourists. As one can find an extremely interesting trip to be laid front from Gangtok to Tsomgo Lake, Baba mandir and Nathula Pass. The Tsomgo lake or popularly known as the Changu lake nearly 40 km from Gangtok is situated at an altitude of 3780 m. The lake is a mainly a glacial lake in east part of Sikkim with lots of exotic birds to be witnessed here along with famous Brahminy ducks. The Yak rides are considered to be one of the most attractive rides by side of the lake in Changu Lake. Nathula Pass positioned at a height of 14, 140 ft is the only pass which remains to be connecting India and China and Tibet as this route was considered to be a part of Silk Route. There is a requisite for permission to travel in this Pass which is available from Gangtok. Tourists are allowed to travel in this pass from March onwards till October. Travellers in such a high altitude comes across breathing problems and you can certainly feel tranquillity and at the same time fierceness of nature while travel across Nathula pass. While you travelling to Nathula Pass, you can come across a famous temple at Sikkim which is famously known as Baba Mandir situated between Jelepla and Nathula Pass at an height of 13, 123 ft. While travelling to Changu Lake and Nathula pass, you have to cross by Baba mandir. The Silk Routes of Sikkim certainly considered to be the highest place for attraction for visitors all through the year. The beautiful curve of the roads makes the traveller think about meandering streams and witness some best picturesque scenes evoking eternity. Namchi in southern part of Sikkim is a must place to visit where one can find some mingling of both Hindu and Buddhist culture through various temples like Siddheswara dham and monasteries like Namchi, Ralang and Tendong Hill. Zuluk stands to be one of the most important destination places for travelling while meandering through Silk Routes and situated at an height of 10,000 ft in east Sikkim. From Zuluk, the Thambi View point about 14 km away is an excellent place for nature lovers to witness earth’s best ever-sunrise.

Lachung and Lachen comprise to be two prominent destinations for travelling in northern Sikkim. Lachung is a hamlet studded around the bank of Lachung Chu River at a height of 2600m and also regarded to be the gateway to Yumthang and also one can feel himself in the last place of earth like Zero Point or Yumesamdong which is about 4600m. One can feel the beautiful waterfalls littered road of Chungthang - []Lachung Roads while travelling to Lachung. The famous picturesque monastery Gompa built in 1880 is a renowned place of sight -seeing in Lachung. Lachen is a traditional village which is famous for its alpine looks. The place is of attraction to the tourists for its authentic Tibetan foods and drinking dens for local drinks like Tongba. Moreover most of the tourist stays at Lachen to travel further at Gurudongmar Lake. While you travel further in altitude, one must witness the beautiful picturesque beauty of Yumthang valley because of its wide range of hot sulphur springs while passing through the roads connecting from Lachung to Yumthang. Moreover the various species of flowers blooming with its varied colour ranges makes Yumthang a perfect solitary accommodation for the tourist to travel upon. As you go further beyond in altitude from Lachen, you can find Sikkim’s largest lake - Gurudongmar Lake by driving for four hours; which is also considered to be a holy water resource for both Hindu and Buddhists. The steep slopes of the roads and the variation of landscapes while travelling from Lachen to Gurudongmar certainly fascinates a traveller’s extreme quench for adventure and also his quest for lying amidst the snowy mountains.

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