Premium Themes Vs Free Themes

Bijou Lane
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Premium Themes Vs Free Themes

Premium Themes Vs Free Themes

If you have a blog and not getting traffic then the reason might be free themes. They are not SEO friendly and changes are there that you website can be hacked. So I’ll recommend you to always use premium themes. There are lots of benefits of Premium Themes in SEO some of them are listed below:

  1. Elegant Look and Design: There are many free templates available in market which are Elegant in look but premium templates adds flavor to it. They offer extra features where you can add skin and color, you can also select different kind of layouts.

  2. Theme Support: I am non technical user, so whenever I choose the theme I first see theme support. As I am from no technical background, If some error occurs in my website layout then I can contact with customer care to resolve. You will not get this feature in free templates.

  3. SEO Advantage: Theme, structure and framework are the important factor in SEO, The theme which I used for my ecommerce is []Bravo Multipurpose Responsive Theme which I got from []Template Trip. This theme has fast loading speed and also has 10+ layout.

  4. Compatible with latest WordPress Version.: WordPress keep updating their system periodically. Premium templates developers are aware of it and they also update their templates time to time to get compatible with the latest version. But In case of free the case is totally different, Free themes also gets update but after very long time due to which many problem arises.

  5. Theme Panel: Almost all themes offers theme panel. This help to customized the theme according to users requirement. You can drag and drop the arrangement. In Free themes there are no option of theme panel. If you are non tech person just like me, then just go for premium themes.

  6. Unencrypted Footer: This is one of the important factor when you choose themes for your websites. Free templates comes with unencrypted footer with bad links associated with it. But Premium templates are free from this. They have clear coding with no hidden links. Whenever you install free templates just check your footer. If you find such kind of links kindly switch from that templates. Some free themes has coding which can be easily hacked by the developers who have created the template.

This are some benefits of Premium Themes. I hope you will consider this point before buying any template.

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