Is Frontier Airlines a Pandemic Profiteer?

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Is Frontier Airlines a Pandemic Profiteer?

Is Frontier Airlines a Pandemic Profiteer?

Last autumn my little sibling, that has actually been battling cancer was rushed to the health center by rescue. His caretaker called the family members to inform us he had just a couple of days to live. My 83-year-old Aunt had actually been aiding sustain him throughout his ailment was not able to take a trip to see him. My other brother additionally had health concerns and could not make the trip. I am 63 and was laid off a pair years ago. Locating a high paying job when you are over 60 is difficult. I drive Uber to make ends meet so my budget is very restricted. He is my bro so I made an emergency journey to Ohio to see him one last time and stand for the household. He remained for some time and also died on November 10, 2020.

My sister-in-law called January. She intended to have a birthday party for my Auntie who would be transforming 84 on May 1. Despite the fact that I had not paid off my trip to see my brother, I consented to fly back to Ohio for her party. At 83, we do not understand just how much longer she’ll be with us. Life is extremely unclear during a pandemic as well as she’s in a really risky group. The gathering would certainly provide us a possibility to celebrate her life and grieve my sibling.

I buy a ticket on Frontier Airlines on January 11, 2020.

I had actually wished to just stay 1 day for the party but needed to book for 3 days to obtain the cheaper ticket. I wouldn’t be able to drive for Uber on those days. I would take a big hit on my earnings that week. My income loss combined with the price of the journey would certainly more than $1000, yet family members is important. It would be great to see them again.

Records started can be found in from China relating to the Corona infection. They had secured down 500 million people, more than the entire population of the United States. On January 31, President Trump obstructed travel from China. The information got gradually even worse as well as I started fretting about taking a trip in a plane with a very contagious condition ruining the nation.

On February 27, Frontier signaled me that they were terminating my original booking most likely because they really did not have enough passengers to make the trip. They intended to reschedule my trips. I contacted us to inform them I didn’t want to make the modification. I wanted to wait and see if I might arrange a shorter trip so I would not lose 3 days of job. Frontier said they would certainly provide a voucher good for 90 days so I could reschedule later.

The initial United States resident died of Corona Virus on February 29. The infection was spreading rapidly. I thought it would certainly be prudent to wait to reschedule. On March 17, the California Guv revealed a stay-at-home order. Various other states across the country rapidly revealed their very own stay at house orders. Frontier at some point quit flying entirely during the month of April. I might not reschedule my trip also if I wished to.

On April 3, the Department of Transport ruled that airline companies should reimburse customers if their flights were cancelled. Several airline companies were not conforming so the DOT released another caution on May 12, 2020. This was extraordinary.

I have actually not functioned because March 17. The government has said job workers like me would certainly be able to obtain $600/week however that has not taken place. I have actually had no revenue except the $1200 stimulation look for 3 months. I got in touch with Frontier as well as inquired to refund my $336. They haven’t supplied any type of solutions neither might they since they weren’t flying when my trip was arranged.

Frontier has actually declined. Not only will not they offer me my cash back, I only have till June 2 to arrange a flight with them or I lose my cash. They will certainly reach keep $336 for doing nothing in any way.

Is Frontier benefiting from the pandemic? I would certainly have certainly taken the trip if there had not been an extremely contagious pandemic. They were closed down in April, it was impossible for me to even use their solutions if I wished to. I feel I ought to be entitled to a refund. Their representative, Lulu Zaldivar informs me they will certainly not refund my cash. They claim that even though they terminated my original trip as well as tried to reschedule, it was me that cancelled the trip and am not eligible for a refund under the Division of Transportations order.

Do you think this is fair?

Frontier Airlines at (801) 401-9000

About the writer: David Berger is a 63 year old Uber vehicle driver. He lives in San Diego California as well as hasn’t had an earnings since the California stay-at-home order on March 17

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