2021 Runners Guide to Healthy Knees Now Available From CopperJoint

Aura Lane
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2021 Runners Guide to Healthy Knees Now Available From CopperJoint

CopperJoint.com remains steadfast and dedicated to providing insightful knee health guides, made freely available to all. Today’s release of the 2021 Runners’ Guide to Healthy Knees continues this journey and evolution in knee health, common ailments and recovery option guides. In April 2021, CopperJoint first published a 2021 Knee Health Guide. This was followed by the 2021 Knee Health FAQs Guide, which provided answers to commonly asked knee-heath questions. Today, CopperJoint.com continues their commitment to education, health, and wellness by publishing the 2021 Runners’ Guide to Healthy Knees. This begins the first in a series of guides that will explore knee health and its relationship with common activities. Many runners enjoy significant health benefits. However, knee pain can accompany this activity and CopperJoint is committed to sharing important tips, ranging from preventing knee pain to about the common Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, also known as the runner’s knee health concern. In fact, an estimated 30% of female and 25% of male runners are known to develop this pain syndrome. The new 2021 Runners’ Guide to Healthy Knees also explores ways to recover from knee pain to get people who suffer back on their feet and pain-free. When asked, Stefano Starkel, the founder and CEO of CopperJoint.com had this to say: ”I have been absolutely delighted with the knowledge that is now freely available via our guides, found on the CopperJoint.com blog. We like to go deep within the overarching concern, as to not simply talk about injuries, but how to prevent them or recovery should an injury occur. Living life to one’s fullest often requires mobility, and I am committed to providing meaningful knowledge and solutions with both our current and future guides.” By visiting CopperJoint.com you will find over 200 blog articles, guides and additional information to educate, inspire, and optimize your health. You may also access best-in-class copper compression products and can learn from what others have to say by reading knee compression sleeve reviews, watching industry videos, and more. CopperJoint.com supports you, your health, and our united desire to stay healthy, safe and to lead productive lives.


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